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16 April 2012

Rumah Terbalik di Borneo

helo semua...buat apa hjg mggu lalu? sbnrny kami sekeluarga mmg xda plan pun hjg mggu lalu tu..tp tiba2 kwn aku c Maz ni ajak pi tgk Rumah Terbalik di Tamparuli...so kami pun pi la sana..

Rumah Terbalik ini adalah yang ke5 di Dunia dan yang pertama di Asia..

Erm... dpt begmbr kat luar  jer...kat dlm xdpt ya...kalu nak tgk kena dtg sendiri...


14 April 2012

Roseola Infantum...

Apa tu Roseola Infantum?

My child has a spotty, pinkish-red rash on his stomach. Could it be roseola?

If your child recently had a fever and now has a spotty, raised or flat, rosy-pink rash, it could be roseola, also called roseola infantum or sixth disease.
Roseola is a fairly mild and common viral illness that usually strikes children between 6 months and 3 years of age. It's caused by a kind of herpes virus, although not the type that's sexually transmitted.

What are the symptoms of roseola?

It's possible to have the virus without having noticeable symptoms. In fact, roseola usually starts with a sudden, relatively high fever, often over 103 degrees Fahrenheit.
The fever typically lasts three to five days and may end abruptly, followed by the telltale rash. The rash may last for days or only hours.
The rash is pink and may have small flat spots or raised bumps. These spots may have a lighter "halo" around them and will turn white if you press on them.


Sick baby with caring mom
Is it serious? Find out fast
The rash isn't itchy or uncomfortable, and contact with the rash itself doesn't spread the illness. It usually shows up on the trunk and neck, but can extend to the arms, legs, and face.
If your child has roseola, he may be irritable and tired and have mild diarrhea, a poor appetite, red eyes, swollen eyelids, a runny nose, or a sore throat. The lymph nodes in his neck and at the base of his skull may also be a bit enlarged. Most children with roseola don't appear especially ill, considering how high their fever gets.
About 10 to 15 percent of children with roseola have a febrile seizure. If this happens, your child may become unconscious and jerk his arms, legs, or facial muscles for two or three minutes. He may also lose control of his bladder or bowels.
Although frightening, fever-induced seizures in young children are seldom serious or harmful. If you can, try to time the length of the seizure. Your child's doctor will want to know how long the episode lasted.

Should I call the doctor?

Yes. It's a good idea to check with the doctor if your child has a fever and a rash. The doctor will ask about your child's symptoms and – depending on your child's age and symptoms – may want to take a look at him.

credit to www.babycentre.com

Knp aku post ttg ni..sbb Azzale diserang virus ni..huhuhu..cian buah hati Ibu & Abah...  mujurla Dr. June kata its normal..nothing to worry..xya mkn ubat pun..it will recover in 2-3 days...cuma, xbest la tgk muka baby bebintik-bintik merah gtu...huhu..cian tgk tau...mudah-mudahan cpt la hilang rashes tu yer....


13 April 2012


Azzalea alergik? Tgkla mukany yg dtumbuhi bintik2 merah.. Di dahi, keliling mata dan pipi.. Tp hanya itu.. Area lain mcm ok.. Alergik apa? Aku xtau la.. Mgkb sbb smlm ibu mkn udang.. Ataupun disebabkn pil ASI..sblm ni penah jg mkn udang.. Tp xpenah plak timbul gni..

Kena buat kajian la ni.. So far, bubur azza mmg mix dgn bahan yg slalu dia mkn.. Xmgkn bubur dia.. Tepaksa ibu buat ujian ni syg ibu.. Mudah2an xteruk..

07 April 2012

Milk Booster ku

Semenjak dua menjak ni.. Aku rajin msk sgt msk sup bunjut.. Bila da mkn sup bunjut tu rasa mcm cpt je penuh B Cik B pun cpt bengkak.. Bila pam dpt lbh dr rutin.. Aku pun bt la ujian..sabtu masak sup bunjut ayam, ahad & isnin xmasak, selasa masak.. So, pg ahad tu dpt 5 oz sesi pertama pg.. Sblh jer.. Pg rabu dpt 4oz utk sblh.. Tp utk selasa cuma dpt 2 oz lbh jer.. Hehe.. Hubby pun prasan tu. So kenala msk sup bunjut slalu ni


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